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Other Aspects of Rich in History

Our presenters are also available for film work. Recent work has included assignments for Staffordshire University media students and music videos.
Other filming has included Dim Byd for S4C, The Sainsbury's 2014 Christmas Advert, BBC TV's "Liverpool's Giant War" and "Preston Passions" for the BBC and short cinema promotional films such as Pearl and Dean's "Back of the Head" and "The Long Way Home".
Richard was also Armourer for the location filming of the 2018 remake of "Journey's End".


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Rich in History brings history to life, delivering appropriate, interesting and though-provoking content to audiences of all ages and abilities.

Rich in History's primary business is working with students in schools and colleges, although we also deliver talks and exhibitions to a wide variety of groups of all ages and backgrounds.

Presentations include the use of artefactsfrom the period of interest, available for hanling. by the audience, as well as the use of a wide range of audio-visual resources.

Our presenters are costumed, with kit and equipment authentic to the period. They are experienced educators and possess current DBS documentation.

Our primary periods are The Great War and late Victorian periods, although we can extend these periods on request.